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I’m happy to be able to offer you all the advice I needed but never had when I set up my home based print studio. I once had a beautiful loft studio with a yardage production table and a $10,000 exposure unit but when it can time to fit these things into a MUCH smaller home studio I couldn’t. So I was forced to figure out how I would continue to produce professional quality screen prints in a home studio. That’s what this book is all about- and it will teach you everything I know about how to screen print. You’ll learn how to build a screen, coat, expose and print an image. You’ll also learn how to do repeating patterns and so much more! This $4.97 will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and get you earning money fast. Buy the E-book now.

Here are some screen shots from the e-book.

Screen print Cheap and EasyScreen print Cheap and Easy

Screen print Cheap and Easy


You will soon be able to buy m…

You will soon be able to buy my new handbag collection online…

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changed my twitter name- now f…

changed my twitter name- now follow all the stuff happening with both the blog, the studio and the handbags.

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My New Accessories Collection! SNEAK PEAK!

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All this summer I have been learning how to hand sew leather. Specifically leather handles for my handbag collection. There is nothing more luxurious than beautiful calfskin handles that have been painstakingly sewn, each stitch knotted into the next; makes you feel like you own something special. That’s why we all love Hermes and Gucci right? But through all […]

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Your Junk My Genius!

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This is the new video I shot with a friend. I wanted to show how CMYK halftone printing can be used in a real world application. You can eatch it on my videos page  Your Junk My Genius episode 1 or download it to watch on your mobile or desktop. YJMG – Mobile 1 Hope you […]

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Wash and Learn! **BIG Tip Alert!**

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Print Colours Not Lining Up? Troubleshooting Bad Registration. My greatest hope in writing this blog is that you may learn from my experience. I pass along as much info as I can about how to screen print like an expert . I like sharing my my “how-to’s” and  and I also like to share my “how-not-to’s”! […]

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Preparing your fabric for Printing or Dyeing *BIG Tip Alert*

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Don’t do this step and you risk RUINING your end product. You may have never thought about this step but its’ absolutely crucial to a good finished product if you are dyeing or printing fabric. I have in the past tried to get away without doing this and sadly when it comes time to wash […]

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Reverse Engineering A Handbag

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Designing A Pattern From Scratch As a rule, when I want to learn how to do something new I learn best by doing. I could read, read and read some more but my learning curve is steeper if I just get my hands dirty and jump in. So last year when I decided to start […]

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Using Strippers and Banishing Ghosts.

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All screen printers do it, or at least they should. Once or twice  a year I take the time to rejunvenate my screens. I try to wait until I start a brand new collection and when the weather turns nice enough to do outside. It is a labour intensive process but it totally rejunvenates my screens and so I […]

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