Screen Print: The Ultimate Guide. Now for sale!

January 17, 2011

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I’m happy to be able to offer you all the advice I needed but never had when I set up my home based print studio. I once had a beautiful loft studio with a yardage production table and a $10,000 exposure unit but when it can time to fit these things into a MUCH smaller home studio I couldn’t. So I was forced to figure out how I would continue to produce professional quality screen prints in a home studio. That’s what this book is all about- and it will teach you everything I know about how to screen print. You’ll learn how to build a screen, coat, expose and print an image. You’ll also learn how to do repeating patterns and so much more! This $4.97 will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and get you earning money fast. Buy the E-book now.

Here are some screen shots from the e-book.

Screen print Cheap and EasyScreen print Cheap and Easy

Screen print Cheap and Easy

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angie 01.18.11 at 6:00 pm

I’m so glad to see you back! I really missed your posts and was hoping you weren’t gone forever. I plan to order your ebook today!

Jodie Wilson 01.18.11 at 7:55 pm

Hi, yes i am interested in this if available in book form. cheers, jodie

admin 01.31.11 at 9:22 am

The book is only a downloadable book- feel free to buy it and print it out for yourself.

Innovative Ink 02.01.11 at 1:59 pm

Nice! have bookmarked and will consider following down the road.

PRIYANKA SONI 02.17.11 at 5:34 am

Hi Michelle,
I am a painted cushion case artist and mostly used to hand paint with acrylic paints. I prefer having unique designs for all the cushion cases so screen paint is not an option for me. however acrylic paints are hard on surface and would like to know if permaset colors can be used with brush on cotton cloths.
Take care
Priyanka soni

admin 02.17.11 at 5:39 am

Yes- you can use the permaset aqua pigments and their opaques.

Iveta 02.27.11 at 6:08 am

Las year this book You send for free, or in this is another information? If it, I will bay. Becouse the first book ir very very good helper to start to screen printing.
Wish You the best!!!:)

admin 03.09.11 at 11:49 am

Same book- glad you liked it! Hopefully i will have time to write a new book soon.

Iveta 03.19.11 at 4:41 am

I will wait the new book!:)

Screenprinting 04.07.11 at 9:07 am

Oh Wao! These are looking very beautiful And easy to understand also.This book is useful not only professionals but anybody can read this and takes anytype of guidance about the printing. You doing a good job. Congratulation for this.

Clyde 07.04.11 at 2:54 pm

A great wealth of information at a bargain price!

Thanks for putting this all together.

Tosin 09.22.11 at 12:31 pm

Hi Michelle,
I just bought your e-book. I’m in the process of setting up a small studio and I can easily say it’s the best $5 I’ve spent so far. Thanks for making so much information available for practically nothing. I just have one more question. You mentioned in one of your blogs (May 29, 09) about making a tutorial for pricing printed fabrics, I was wondering if you ever got around to it. Thanks again!

admin 09.22.11 at 1:18 pm

I never had the time to do it. My advice to you is factor in all the time it takes to develop the image, the screen and even the time it would take to strip the screen and divide that by how many times you anticipate doing the print. For example, it might take you five hours to devlop the print and two hours to set up and burn the image and another 30 minutes to strip the image afterwards so I would take 7.5 hours. You should pay yourself $25.00 for print development per hour which = $187.00 and say you want to do 10 yards of the fabric then you would add $18.70 for each yard of fabric, plus the cost of the fabric plus the time it takes to make it, plus the cost of the ink as well. Hope this helps.

Tosin 09.24.11 at 6:38 am

Yes, it helps. Thanks a lot for the tip!

Tilly 10.23.11 at 3:42 pm

Thank you for this wonderful blog. I tried my hands on some thermofax screen printing,and now like to get into screen prining a little deeper.
So, I wanted to buy the ebook, but nothing happens when I click on the link. And there’s no shopping cart I could click on.
Any help appreciated,
Thank you,

admin 10.23.11 at 4:11 pm

just scroll down further on the page- that’s where the shopping cart appears

carolina 10.25.11 at 9:40 am

I would like to start screen printing but not sure if it’s better to start with paper o with fabric… what do you think?

admin 10.25.11 at 9:46 am

depends on what you want to make but I would say paper might be a bit easier-maybe.

Alex 11.07.11 at 7:47 pm

Great wealth of information! Wish I had this kind of information available when starting out with screen printing. Thanks!

Custom Screen Printing

mitzie 12.12.11 at 6:12 pm

Hello Michelle, we built our print table. and linked you to our blog. thanks for being a great sharer. Cheers!

Lauren 01.05.12 at 6:09 pm

Hello Michelle, I just purchased the ebook and it’s great! I have a question about squeegees. They seem to be sold in different sizes. I know you recommend 60 durometer for fabric printing, but what about the WIDTH of the squeegee? If I’m printing mostly on fabric with a 20X24 frame, should I purchase a 20 inch squeegee or one that’s smaller?

admin 01.05.12 at 8:01 pm

You have to find out what the inside dimensions of the screen that you bought is and then I would subtract about 1-2″ from the width and that will be the squeegee size you need. Good luck.

Diane 02.06.13 at 1:59 pm

I’m also having trouble checking out and purchasing the e-book. Now I’ve clicked on it 3 times and it has registered 3 purchases. When I try and change the number to 1 purchase it doesn’t work- Paypal still charges me for three and there is no way to go back? Thanks for helping! Diane

admin 02.06.13 at 2:12 pm

My PayPal account indicates that you only payed once. It’s helpful to clear your browser cache when that sort of thing happens. I’ll email you the ebook in case it didn’t download already]. thanks

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