Monster Brooch DIY Project From Blythe Church

February 21, 2009

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Blythe Church created this adorable monster brooch project for PrintCutSew! 

Materials needed: Thick felt or fleece for the monster body, white craft felt for the teeth and red craft felt for the mouth, 1/4″ eyelets for the eyes or small buttons if you prefer, brooch pin, needle and thread.

Blythe Church  
Step 1: Begin by making a sketch of the monster you would like to make, making sure to draw it the exact size that you would like and then cut it out.
Blythe Church 
Step 2: Using your drawing as a pattern cut out 2 monsters from the thick felt/fleece. One of these will be the front of the pin and the other the back.
Blythe Church 
Step 3: Choose which monster piece will be the front and cut a small circle at the centre to be a mouth. Using the directions on your package of eyelets attach eyelets in place for eyes. Alternatively you could sew small buttons on for eyes. Cut out 2 rows of teeth from white felt. Holding teeth in place behind the monster’s mouth sew into place.  Cut small piece of red felt a little larger than mouth. When completed sew red felt mouth behind teeth.
Blythe Church 
Step 4: Sew brooch pin to top of monster piece that will be the back of the brooch. If your monster is asymmetrical be sure sew brooch to correct side.
Blythe Church 
Step 5: Sew back and front pieces together.
Blythe Church 

 You’re Done!

What a great project! Don’t forget to send in pictures of your own incarnatons of the monster brooch project!

For more information on Blythe’s great work see her website.

If you want more instruction and some really helpful tips, download free my ebook “SCREEN PRINT: The Ultimate Guide” when you join my email newsletter.

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