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I’m happy to be able to offer you all the advice I needed but never had when I set up my home based print studio. I once had a beautiful loft studio with a yardage production table and a $10,000 exposure unit but when it can time to fit these things into a MUCH smaller home studio I couldn’t. So I was forced to figure out how I would continue to produce professional quality screen prints in a home studio. That’s what this book is all about- and it will teach you everything I know about how to screen print. You’ll learn how to build a screen, coat, expose and print an image. You’ll also learn how to do repeating patterns and so much more! This $4.97 will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and get you earning money fast. Buy the E-book now.

Here are some screen shots from the e-book.

Screen print Cheap and EasyScreen print Cheap and Easy

Screen print Cheap and Easy


“Print In Fashion” by Marnie Fogg

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“Print In Fashion” may actually be worth your money. Even though I disagree with the first 100 words written in the book I think it stands out as a great book to own for anyone who wants to understand how the print industry and the fashion business collide. Most books on prints in fashion are irrelevant long before they […]

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“SCREEN PRINT: The Ultimate Guide” Sneak Peak

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When I began my career as a screen printer eight years ago I had been out of textile school for a couple of years and my printing skills were rusty- to say the least. I had been designing textiles for a company in NYC but I longed to ‘get my hands dirty’ again. So I built my […]

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Permaset SUPERCOVER Fabric Inks- Unsurpassed!

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Top 5 reasons to buy permaset inks? 100%solvent free SUPER soft hand feel amazing coverage over dark fabrics with their SUPERCOVER line of inks full range of standard and supercover colours Easy heat setting at home Here’s my review of the SUPERCOVER inks: The soft hand feel is not the best thing about Permaset; the […]

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Immediately Improve Your Artwork! Use Permaset inks!

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Don’t underestimate the power of good materials to enhance your artwork.   What if you could change the quality of your screen print work, go from so-so to pro, by just changing materials? Improve the hand feel, the washability, the coverage and the colour vibrancy all by switching your inks. And be a bit more environmentally friendly […]

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