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Still wondering what all these screen printers are talking about? Well, here are some more terms, in plain speak, to keep you in step with the screen print pros!

Flooding The Screen: This is a single stroke of the squeegee that is done with the screen in a floodingraised position. Holding the screen up and off the print surface, grab most of the ink and lightly push it to the other side of the screen. Your goal here is to spread the ink over the entire surface of the open areas of the image but not push it through. You do this so that the print areas will not dry out by being left open while you switch out your paper or t-shirt and that the entire open print area has ink that is ready to be pushed through on the print stroke. The flood stroke is often done when printing paper and when printing t-shirts and signs but it’s not often done for fabric printing.

A Strike-Off: Instead of a flood stroke fabric printers often do a first strike-off. This is a regular print of four passes on a scrap or testing piece of fabric. You would do a strike off on your scrap fabric then move your screen to your first registration point on your good printing fabric and begin printing. For whatever reason, sometimes a completely dry screen won’t let the ink pass through nicely on the first try, so a strike off somewhere other than your actual print surface can get the screen primed for the first print. [read more…]


The Beginners Guide to Sounding Like A Screen Print Pro

Have you wanted to get started screen printing but hesitate because you aren’t familiar with the terms of the trade? Here’s a short list that explains the basic terms you’ll need to know to get started.

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