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November 2008

Lace can be a beautiful addition to a pillow, clothing and even linens. But it can also be expensive. I want to show you a great way to make a little lace go a really long way. This tutorial will show how you can take a small piece of lace and silkscreen it onto countless projects in no time at all. Now you can have the look of lace in any colour you want- anywhere you would like to see it. 

Supplies you’ll need:  
1. a silkscreen frame (here’s how to make your own frame)
2. some textile inks/ pigments or acrylic paint
3. a squeegee (the plastic end of a spatula or a large plastic dough scraper 
4. something to print onto (we’ll use fabric for this demo)
5. some t-pins
6. masking tape
7. heavy card stock
8. tracing paper
9. an exacto knife
10. some lace
Step 1: Gather some sample of lace
Gather some samples of lace. They can be big or small- you will be taping them to the back of the silkscreen frame. They should be thin pieces of lace- not thick like crochet.
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Easy Pet Portrait Silkscreen Project

Do you want to immortalize your little fur-ball on your stuff? Then follow this DIY silkscreen project to create your own pet portrait silhouette that’s easy cheap and quick. Best of you can make it from just a few simple items from home and a quick trip to the craft store. Enjoy!

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Quick and Easy! Build a Screen Print Frame From An Old Picture Frame.

Old Picture Frame + Curtain Sheers= Your Very Own Screen Print Frame! You can build your very own silkscreen printing frame with just a few simple items from your own home.  Here’s what you’ll need to get started. 1. a picture frame with the glass and backing removed 2. old curtain sheers 3. utility duct […]

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