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December 2008

The How-to of Screen Coating

December 18, 2008

Good Screen Coating Will Make Your Life a Little Smoother

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Here’s how to properly coat your screens so that your stencils adhere well and last a long time. 

1. In a dark room mix the sensitizer into the emulsion as per the directions to activate it. Let it sit in a cool dark room for at least two hours with the lid closed.
2. Set up your screen, make sure it’s clean and completely dry.

3. Pour the emulsion into the scoop coater. Fill the scoop coater  3/4 full. [read more…]


CMYK for Photorealistic Screen Printing

You can capture the look of a photorealistic image but using the four colour separation CMYK printing process when you silk screen. It’s easy. Here’s How…

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A Full Size Guide to Printing Halftones.

This is a guide to silkscreen printing of halftones and the correct mesh count for your dot size.

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TLC for Your Silk Screen Frames.

With regular care and maintenance you should be able to keep your screens in great shape for a long time to come. Here are some tips and myths dispelled about screen maintenance.

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Screen Print Table To Go!

You can build your own silkscreen printing table; you can even make it portable so you can screen print anywhere.

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Rip Your Screen? Here’s How to Fix It fast!

Don’t panic! If you rip your screen you don’t necessarily have to have it re-meshed. If the rip or hole is small enough you may be able to work around it in the future and a small repair job can save you lots of money.  Here’s what to do if you rip your screen.  If […]

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A Mesh Count for Everything! Well, almost.

Different screen print projects can require different screen meshes. Here’s a quick guide to what screen mesh goes with which project.

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The Beginners Guide to Sounding Like A Screen Print Pro

Have you wanted to get started screen printing but hesitate because you aren’t familiar with the terms of the trade? Here’s a short list that explains the basic terms you’ll need to know to get started.

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