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February 2009

Post image for Permaset SUPERCOVER Fabric Inks- Unsurpassed!

Top 5 reasons to buy permaset inks?

  • 100%solvent free
  • SUPER soft hand feel
  • amazing coverage over dark fabrics with their SUPERCOVER line of inks
  • full range of standard and supercover colours
  • Easy heat setting at home

Here’s my review of the SUPERCOVER inks:

The soft hand feel is not the best thing about Permaset; the best thing is the SUPERCOVER line of opaque pigments. How many of you have had to add opaque white base to your pigments and had to use so much pigment just to get the colour saturated it ended up costing five times more than a regular colour would have? Or have had to do more than one coat to get an opaque colour on dark fabrics? Well, you’re going to love these. Permaset SUPERCOVER pigments are ONE COAT coverage over black. Amazing. I’ve demo’d some of the SUPERCOVER inks on black with the standard cover pigment to show you the difference. 


Left: Permaset Standard Cover White Ink Right: Permaset SUPERCOVER White Ink

As you can see the SUPERCOVER white ink has full opaque coverage with just two passes compared to a standard cover ink and both have a great soft hand feel. 


Left: Permaset SUPERCOVER Scarlet Ink Right: Permaset standard cover

Here’s an example of the scarlet SUPERCOVER and the scarlet standard cover. You might want to note that the scarlet SUPERCOVER and standard cover are slightly different hues. Unlike the other inks that come both in standard and SUPERCOVER colours which are all almost identical I have found the standard scarlet to be a much more orange hue than the supercover. 


Left: SUPERCOVER Right: Standard

Here’s an example of how the SUPERCOVER  and standard cover pigments will perform when you overprint a light and dark print. 

If you want to purchase Permaset inks go to my Permaset inks page.

Happy Printing!

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